I’m playing in the rain…

…but I hate it. Usually I’m one of these guys who on the one hand totally love golf, but then on the other hand prefer sunshine over a lousy, wet, rainy day. But I haven’t had the chance to shoot some balls this week, so I decided to head to the course today. My GF had something on her agenda too, so it was the right time to spend some time enjoying my favourite game.

But… it was pouring down when I drove to the club. This is a picture I’ve taken on my way, thinking whether I should cancel that stupid idea.

In the end I went to the course, waited in the car for 15 minutes for rain stopping, skipped the range and a proper warm-up, decided to tee off immediately and off I went… Until hole 5 when the rain came back, the wind was picking up and I basically lost all motivation to make the effort. Would be different for sure if I was in a tournament or earning money with it.


As you can see in these pictures I was able to see the positive side – in between two rain showers…

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