Always find the right balance between golf and fitness

Some say golf is not even a sport, it’s just a game. Whether that’s true or not, I guess is for everybody out there to decide. Obviously it’s not a sport like tennis or football but there are definitely arguments for the fact that it’s more than just a simple game.

In every case golf is a great time to spend the day with, and yes, a 5-hour round of golf in 35°C can be quite exhausting and sweaty.

What you see here is the gym room in my golf club, the perfect way to combine the beauty and technique of golf with fitness exercises to cater for a comprehensive all-inclusive training session.

So next time you play a round, consider to get in your trainers later, do another 5K or so on the treadmill, lift some weights, do some crunches and sit-ups – your body will be very thankful one day, and your golf swing as well! The stronger you get, the less power you have to put in every shot, the less exhausted you get during the round, the more accurate you can play 18 holes.

If you compare that to the pro tours, yes obviously there are some older and fatter blokes who are able to win some tournaments but when you are serious about the game, you spend some time in the gym – just like Tiger, Rory and all the other young guns!

And why not end such beautiful day in the sauna followed by some fresh fruit drinks in the restaurant. Great training!

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