Quick course update of the Garmin Approach S2

It’s over a year ago that I bought my Garmin Approach S2 golf GPS watch. I mean I have plenty of watches but this one has so much functionality which I really love. It had GPS data for 30,000 golf courses around the world already stored when I bought it and just today I made a quick 15-minute update: new courses, new GPS data, new course layout, etc. – easy as that.

After the installation of the Garmin Express application it was a simple plug and install process, very easy to handle. I guess once a year is enough for an update of course material.

There is no round in which I don’t wear the watch, I literally wouldn’t leave the house to go golfing without this device. The GPS information it provides is truly inevitable. It’s a complete different way of golfing: go to your ball, check the yardage (front of the green, middle of the green, back of the green), check for specialties such as wind and then chose a club, do your normal swing and there you are: on the green (well, theoretically). But it seriously totally changes your game and takes out the guessing and unclarity of exact distance to the target. Just a simple glance on the watch which displays all relevant data (even layup distances) and there you go.

I don’t want to praise it too much, but after a while you feel you can’t play without it anymore. Truly a great device that I’m happy about having bought it. Definitely recommend it!

UPDATE: I just finished the course update installation. Apparently there is not enough space on the device to store all world-wide courses anymore. Therefore I had to pick 2 out of 3 packages that I liked to have installed. I chose “Americas” and “Europe, Middle East, Africa” and had to delete “Asia, Australia, Oceania”. So next time I’m traveling to Australia, could please someone remind me to install that again? Thanks! #FirstWorldProblems

11 thoughts on “Quick course update of the Garmin Approach S2

  1. Wow, thank you. But sadly it doesn’t have enough space for store all courses. But ok, maybe no one can play all of that courses ;)

  2. By mistake I have installed both “Americas” and “Europe, Middle East, Africa” in my S2. Now I would like to delete “Americas” . How can I do that?
    Thanks in advance for any help.

  3. Hi Palle, it’s quite a while ago that I did my adjustments, so I’m afraid I can’t really help anymore. You would definitely want to do pretty much the same thing as you did, and just untick the box for “Americas” in the Garmin Express application and I’m sure the courses would be deleted once you confirm the setting. Or have you even tried that?
    Second question: in case both data sets fit on the watch, why would you delete one?

  4. Thank you for your very fast reply. My problem is I cannot find a box to untick. The reason I wanted to delete “America” was that Approach S2 could not find my local golf course in Denmark. However, now it can for some reason. And “Pacific” is installed now instead of “America”- I am a little bit confused.

  5. My Garmin S2 is the most frustrating gadget I have ever had. I was standing in the club house and my S2 couldn’t find the “any” golf courses. I tried updating the watch on my computer. When I plug it in, and click “add a device” the message I get reads, insert disk into drive D:
    I’m ready to pitch this thing into the trash.

  6. Sorry to hear. My S2 is the most reliable golf gadget I use. I trust it more than my own golf swing :)
    As you need at least 3 satellites to work, of course you can’t get it work indoors, i.e. inside the club house. Try on tee 1 next time. If it’s not working, return to Garmin and get a new one. Usually they are really good!

  7. Hi, someone can tell me the menu folder of the S2 please. I format and lost all.

  8. APAC courses are usually not installed then. Plug your watch to the computer and run the Garmin app. Maybe just add Thailand to the list and off you go.

  9. I am trying to log in and or forgot my password , i need to update my golf courses in aust particularly, it wont let me go past the log in window
    Regards Jane Page

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