“Phil the Thrill” appears in the hospitality zone again… not for drinks though!

This guy is unbelievable! He is a charming character, the dream son-in-law for a lot, always well behaved with good manners. Walking up the 18th green, the audience going crazy—I’m not sure how often he’s touching his cap or visor to greet the crowd? But Phil Mickelson is not only a nice guy, he really is one of the best golfers in the world and one could say, he’s the best short-game player out there. I don’t know the statistics but I’m sure his putting and chipping stats are top-notch!

In this week’s Barclays, the first of the FedEx Cup finals, Phil interrupted his Friday round for a short visit to the VIP hospitality area at the green of the 5th hole at Ridgewood Country Club—unintentionally obviously, as Lefty sliced his ball onto the cart path to the left which unfortunately bounced further onto the visitors’ balcony.

As we know Phil, he managed to get away with a rather acceptable score, bogey in this case.

The more interesting thing is that exactly the same thing happened to Phil the next day! Again 5th hole, again a shot to the left and again a huge bounce onto the hospitality terrace. Absolutely incredible! And Phil couldn’t believe it either: “Oh no not again!” This time, as he knew the spot, carded down a par… is he the golf God or what?!

And I really like the fact that the crowd had their fun too!

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