Denis Pugh’s 0 great golf tips

denispugh100tipsNo neither did I miss anything, nor has my keyboard a problem with numbers. It was on pure purpose that the heading reads 0 instead of 100 great golf tips—because that’s what it is: a pretty useless collection of advice, put together on 3 DVDs: one for the long game, one for the short game and one for putting.

Don’t get me wrong, I would appreciate a good educational golf DVD even if I might not need it anymore, but nothing of this was helpful at all. Poor beginners who need to rely on such piece of… lousy work.

Denis Pugh is a nice guy, he really is, and I came across some of his work earlier when I discovered some interesting videos together with Luke Donald, but this here is different.

One of the annoying things is that Denis constantly refers to Mizuno products and how important it is to get to the pro shop, buy the newest sticks, get fitted and that’s more or less all you can do, a bit of practice, good mental strength, always Mizuno rain gear in the bag and nothing could go wrong eventually.

That’s the simple world of Denis Pugh’s 100 great golf tips. One waits for advice on how to strike the ball, how to curve the ball, how to adjust and improve swing planes and weight transitions, how to read putts properly and how to tackle difficult bunker shots. All this is somehow covered in the videos but not at all as convincing that someone could argue they’d do it better after watching Denis Pugh talk about it.

When I bought the DVD box, I ordered ‘Tom Watson’s Lessons Of A Lifetime’ as well. And I’m not yet through that one, but that’s what I call an educational golf instruction video. A review will follow shortly.

Denis, please watch Tom’s videos and then try harder next time…

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