Can you spare one hour for a legend? A documentary about Seve

Severiano Ballesteros died in 2011, aged 54, after a lost battle with brain cancer. He left the professional golf scene but in every player’s mind Seve is still pretty present around the traveling golf circus.

Remarkable are those situations in which the European Ryder Cup players dedicate their points to the Spaniard, look up into the sky, quietly say some words to their former mate or idol and then refocus to the here and now. It’s a moment of remembrance. European players in the common Seve attire, those who have Seve’s silhouette on their bags, all this shows their continuous thoughts for this outstanding player.

Months ago I bought a new film about Seve, “Seve – The Movie“, but I have to admit that I couldn’t find the time to watch it yet. For those who already did and in case you are further interested in his life, his game and perception amongst other players, then you should spare another 60 minutes to watch this documentary. I’m sure it’s a well spent hour.

RIP Seve, you died way too early!

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