The new Titleist 915 family

I like the Titleist brand and everything what comes with it. Although I fully endorse their product range, I’m not buying anything new to the market just because it’s out there. I guess it’s common sense that golf products don’t differ that much anymore from others and the rest is just marketing.

My Titleist clubs are 3 years old (710 irons, 910 metals) and I’m overly happy with it—therefore no need to buy some new sticks at all for quite a while. But the guys on tour sometimes literally jump on new products, be it because they are after some further yards to hit or because their sponsor contract makes them change every time the brand has something new out.

This actually doesn’t happen too often with Titleist but competitors like TaylorMade release new stuff every month you could argue. You are just used to a new name or number of a product and bought into their story they sold you, and then suddenly ‘boom’, a new technique, a new story, a new product with a new price tag.

Let me say to you, don’t buy anything that golf brands try to market. Work on your swing, this is mostly the more important and long-term alternative to buying new clubs.

This video is about the collaboration of club manufacturers and pro players, as this is a very interesting field of work anyway!

And just for the sake of sentimental display, this is the new official Titleist 915 Driver commercial:

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