Belek on my mind


I don’t know why but my thoughts circled around another trip to Belek today. I have no idea why on earth it hit me today, especially because I do already have golf trips in the making but it felt good today to think about a new trip to Turkey soon.

During my last trip to Belek I played the Gloria New, Carya, Cornelia, Maxx Royal and the Sultan at Antalya (Check the Belek 2013 tag for more information). If I would go back to the Turkish golf mecca at some point, I’d go for the following courses:

  • Gloria, Old Course
  • Lykia Links
  • Antalya GC, Pasha Course

And I would most probably play the Carya, Cornelia and the Maxx Royal again: all great golf courses, really liked them!

Staying in Belek is easy and difficult at the same time. There are so many superb 5-star hotel resorts that it’s actually quite tricky to decide for the best in the end. What I thought would be quite a nice tour through south-west Turkey is this:

  • Spend couple of days in Didim (and visit family),
  • Spend a week in Bodrum (the Turkish Monaco and enjoy the sun, sea and jet-set life),
  • Spend a week in Belek and play golf (are 5 rounds enough?)

Sounds not too bad, huh? The question is: 2015 or 2016?!

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