It’s Masters week

Folks, don’t try to disturb me during the next four days. But as I’m sure you’re spending the time exactly like me, I’m not expecting any trouble.

Kidding aside, the next couple of days will be probably the most important in golf in 2015: the first major of the year, the Masters, the holy grail of golf, bringing out legends, living traditions and catering for unlimited stories to be told.

I just can’t wait to see the first ball fly! Unfortunately I have to work Thursday/Friday but I hope to see lots of golf in the evening and night hours as I’m watching from Central Europe. On Saturday I’ll play a round on my own in the morning and then head back home in front of the telly. Sunday pretty much the same thing, spending time with the wifey in the morning, then later spending time with the Masters, the golf masters.

May the best man win! Frankly, I’ve put on some online wagers. As I couldn’t decide on one guy only, I’ve spread my money across four heads. We’ll see if that’s successful or not. Rory McIlroy being one of them, I just want to see him succeed winning the career slam at his age.

For all of you, enjoy the weekend, give your partner a big kiss and ask for absolute silence in order to purely concentrate on golf. And don’t forget to return the favour!

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