An hommage to Severiano Ballesteros


Last week I managed to watch the film “Seve — The Movie” which I had bought on DVD quite a while ago. It’s a combination of an acted video biography staged in northern Spain, where Seve was from, and real golf tournament footage from many Masters and The Open events. In essence it’s a movie showing how Seve was brought up, how he spent childhood on his farm, how he got into golf and made his way to become as good as he did.

The story outlines his life with his parents, his brothers, battles in school and on the course. The second part describes how Seve went on tour, impressed people around the world and managed to win so many titles.

If you are into golf and you don’t mind spending an hour or two watching a golf movie, then you should give it a try. It’s dramatic, funny, sad all at the same time.

Still not convinced? Then you probably should watch the official trailer:

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