Playing golf for a good cause


A friend of mine in the UK started with golf not long ago and as charity plays a big role in the anglo-saxon culture he came up with a very fine idea one day:

In Britain there is an organisation which helps people who suffer from cancer and who probably can’t afford their medication or treatments. Macmillan Cancer Support help these people in various ways, offer them a better life but are obviously dependent on regular donations.

In order to increase the awareness and the importance of the cause and at the same time to combine that with the joy of golf, they invented the “Longest Day Challenge: 4 heroes. 72 holes. 1 epic battle”.

What it does, you form a team of four people, play four rounds of golf on one single day, walking the course. As this obviously is quite a strenuous and exhausting achievement, every team has the ability to collect donations for Macmillan Cancer Support and with it have a great day play golf and at the same time do something good for the community and for those who deserve it.

Everybody can get engaged, form his own team, decide on venue and date and start collecting donations. It’s super easy with websites like JustGiving. So please join me in applauding everybody for taking part in this great event and also in donating an amount of your choice for the sake of people who need some support.

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