National Open Day on golf courses throughout Germany


You might have realised, there has been a National Golf Day in the US very recently and although I admire the Americans for their commitment and their general love for the game I was pretty sure we won’t have such thing in Central Europe anytime soon—an official golf day. We might have days for everything else but golf? No, not likely…

Golf is still different here, sorry to say but it’s still not properly arrived in the middle class yet and there are so many clichés around it, that we, as ambassadors of the game basically, should act as advisers, providers and connecters. Although golf is a game where you usually play against yourself, it’s at the same time a sport where we appreciate company, where we play in groups, where we communicate much and where other people in general play a big role.

Still especially in Germany people are pretty reluctant when it comes to getting access to the game. People who are generally interested but never had contact with it usually feel overwhelmed with the information, the market and especially not comfortable amongst other golfers in the unknown surrounding of a golf club – as if we were aliens!

In Germany it was decided to do something against it. There will be image campaigns, advertising and generally more public relation in order to attract people but it’s fair to say that it’s questionable whether this turns out into hundreds or thousands of new golfers. It’s a good starting point but at the same time it’s essential to get people on the course, get them have first contact to the game, to the people and the feeling to be a part of this beautiful sport. It’s a lifestyle, and if you ask me, it’s the best one possible!

To establish something like the above it was decided by the German golf association (DGV Deutscher Golf Verband) to host an open day on golf courses across the whole country. Not all are taking part obviously but more than 450 clubs will open their gates in early May to the public, offer golf clinics, training sessions, access to facilities and much more information. All to lower the barriers, to ease the entry to the sport and to inform interested people how to make their first steps.

In case you understand German, live in Germany and know people who might be interested, please let them know the following link. It provides a post code based search for clubs in the region, gives dates, information and all one would need to get it started.

I wish you all much fun on those days. Please comment below if you want to discuss specific things. Here is the right place to ask.

As well, please stay tuned for further Golficiency posts on other ways to get golfers “up and playing” as I will touch on other solutions very soon. Let’s grow this game together. It most definitely deserves it! It’s absolutely the best way to spend a day… and the “most fun you can have without taking your clothes off.” (Chi Chi Rodriguez)

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