Ball Showcase: Golf Club Ulm

ball ulm

Couple of days ago I was sitting at my parents-in-law in Ulm in the south of Germany and I remembered that I wanted to showcase the ball I bought at Golf Club Ulm a while ago.

The Ulm golf club belongs to The Leading Golf Courses of Germany and really is a nice course in the south-east of Ulm. It features a tree-rich setting which is quite daunting on one hole or the other. This parkland style and all club house facilities make this course what I believe one of the more beautiful ones in south Germany—not top 10 but definitely top third of all.

The holes themselves are not overly impressive nor challenging but the surrounding and the setting of the club is really pretty. The staff was very friendly, guest players were welcome and all other members were very friendly as well.

Ulm itself is perfectly situated at the junction of Autobahn A8 and the A7, one going west-east the other north-south. So in case you are around any time soon, give this course a try. You can’t go wrong with it.

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