9-hole quickie at Golfclub Kitzbühel

It had rained a lot in Kitzbühel when we had our hiking/golfing week and after playing Eichenheim and Schwarzsee I figured I can’t leave without playing the 9-hole beauty right in the city center, Golfclub Kitzbühel. Even if it rained. And it did. A lot.

It was Friday, one day before we planned to leave Austria when we hiked 12km in the morning, got fully soaked and pretty much longed for a hot shower and a bed, or at least a couch. But I felt I had some other stuff to do, there was one golf course on my list I still haven’t set my foot on. And so I made my way to the Golfclub Kitzbühel, which is for a couple of years now connected to the A-ROSA resort at Schloss Kaps (engl. Kaps Castle).

The entree is pretty unique, you enter the property, drive through a big gate, past the resort lobby in a sort of tunnel and end up in the underground parking lot for the hotel guests. First I thought that’s wrong but it actually is the right way to enter the site.

Anyway, I was again able to get an immediate tee time in order to start right away. No wonder, it had rained like crazy earlier the day, only weirdos would play golf today—and me.

It’s a 9-hole course, fairly central in Kitzbühel, right behind the tennis stadium, founded in 1955 and truly is a small golf heaven. During my round I’ve only seen two other persons, being as crazy as me, playing golf in such weather. And the course presented itself in good shape. It ranks amongst the oldest courses in the whole of Austria and is often rated as the most beautiful 9-hole course in the Alps. It actually has quite an interesting architecture to it, it’s a parkland style course but unfortunately got pretty soaked over the days before. The turf condition definitely could have been a bit better. But from just looking at it, it was a pleasure, apart from the dark clouds over it.

golfclub-kitzbuehelThe hole 1 is a par-5 with water to the left. I smashed my driver and landed my ball in the middle of the fairway, at roughly 250m. Nice start I thought, no warm-up. The 2 is equally nice with a split fairway and a green protected by water. The 3 is a par-3 three again guarded by water followed by an interesting number 4 which is straight to a narrower part of the fairway guided by trees. Behind it the fairway slopes downhill and offers a green which could easily get reached in two (if I hadn’t screwed two tee shots before).

But never mind, the 5 is a dogleg left uphill which I didn’t reach in two. Don’t ask me why, I don’t really know, more my inconsistency paired with absolute exhaustion after all this hiking and golfing. It was definitely not a problem with the course as the fairways are comfortably wide in the landing areas, that even part-time hackers like me could easily land one or two.

As I mentioned the 5 went uphill, the way from 5 to 6 was again very steep and at the tee box of the 6th you reached pretty much the highest point of the course, out of breath. I remain silent on the score I shot here but went to the 7th with good will as this is an easy downhill par-4 straight like an arrow.

Once I had that under my belt, I reached the best part of the course, the 8 and 9. The 8 is a par-5 dogleg left. I shot a good 3-wood more to the right and laid up in front of the water. The green sits on an island accessible only by bridge. So I had another short wedge into the green, needed another a small chip, two putts and carded a bogey.


At that time I realized I had some spectators staring at me. There has been a wedding party on the club house restaurant terrace. Party seemed quite boring that some had time to watch me play. Or they felt sorry for the poor chap who played golf in the most horrible weather. Or they just thought “what a freak”…

I left the green and made my way to the 9th tee, under the eyes of the wedding party crowd. The 9th tee box basically sits on top of the tunnel through which I came to park my car earlier on. The shot goes again over water to a green next to the club house terrace on the other side of the pond, 130m away. I hit a gentle 7-iron and landed the ball pin-high probably 5m left of the flag. Two putts later I left the green and was happy that I managed to play all courses I wanted to have played. Mission accomplished!

Some parts of my golf days in Kitzbühel have been super cool, great courses, good shots, something like that. Then I had my downs with unnecessary bad shots and really bad weather conditions. In the end I felt absolutely knackered and looked forward to a bath once back home that evening.

Golfclub Kitzbühel is definitely a very nice course, absolutely a recommendation if you are in the region. It’s difficult to rank it against the other two courses I played, but I think it would be second behind Eichenheim. It just lacks the other nine holes. But beautiful, yes it is!

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