The Old Course flyovers

To absolutely understand what’s so special about the Old Course at St Andrews you either play it yourself, or you watch the TV coverage of The Open from end to end or you search the internet for some good stuff. Problem being the Old Course has such a rich history, there are so many texts, explanations, videos and other information available that it’s almost impossible to get THE one good guide about the course.

If you leave aside all the history, the architecture, the iconic subjects like the Swilcan Bridge, the R&A etc. and just focus on what’s important for the player during the next 4 days, then you should watch this:

I wasn’t sure if I should like or hate the course. Of course it’s different, but different good, or different bad, that’s the question. Bernhard Langer said earlier in the week that he first hated the course. But after some rounds, some years and some tournaments he started to understand the course, to like the course, to consider it the best course in the world. Quite a drastic change in perception, don’t you think?

Everybody who would consider himself an avid golfer should experience this I believe. 2016 is my year. When is yours?

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