Trump’s Scottish masterpiece


You can call Donald Trump whatever you want, in most cases you will be absolutely right, but you have to admit that he is currently one of the only big shot billionaires out there who really stands up for golf. Of course all this is pure business in his favor and he recently has let the world know what he believes all his golf courses (including facilities) are worth: a minimum of USD 500 million, but experts actually doubt that all his properties are worth that much.

Abstracting from the business (and the business man type he is) his courses are really fantastic. Up to now I unfortunately haven’t had the chance to play one but if you just look at this video and assess that he and his team created all this, that’s pretty unbelievable. A course which only fits into the rugged Scottish coast line, dunes which are so natural and a perfection which almost looks surreal.

You obviously can have another opinion here, but I think that Trump International Golf Links Aberdeen in the north east of Scotland is a true golf masterpiece – and I can’t wait to play there one day!

So, do I want Donald Trump as American president, hell no! Do I want to play his golf courses around the world, yes, yes and absolutely yes! Especially the one in Scotland which is located with Cruden Bay, Royal Aberdeen and Murcar Links just around the corner. Sounds like a good trip to me!

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5 thoughts on “Trump’s Scottish masterpiece

  1. Trump International Golf Links is a crime against nature and the people who lived there. I would never pay a dime to play on this golf course otherwise I couldn’t look at my mirror image ever again. Please watch “You’ve been trumped” before you hail his golf course

  2. I know there has been some controversy about all that, but why is it more a crime against nature than any other golf course in the region? Of course I could be wrong but I believe it’s just media who created the bad buzz around it. If a nobody had created the same thing, everybody would be happy in the end. Why hasn’t Kingsbarns created bad media about nature issues.
    But I will definitely have a look at the film you mentioned, thanks for recommending.

  3. Because Kingsbarns wasn’t build in a protected environment. These gigantic dunes are, were, a one of a kind ecosystem. Kingsbarns was a bland piece of property and not on any protected ground. Trump got the politicians to sign off his development after giving false promises how many jobs he would create in the era. He claimed to create 6000 (!) of them but according to reports only 200 were created. He lied and cheated his way to the golf course and destroyed a unique piece of land for a course that doesn’t even play like a links course because they used the wrong kind of grass.

  4. The new clubhouse dubbed the “jewel in the crown” of Donald Trump’s golf resort in Aberdeenshire opened its doors to members of the public for the first time over the weekend. Will Donald Trump’s Turnberry be a success?

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