BREAKING: Golficiency was accredited full media access to the Solheim Cup 2015


It’s on! Just over a month to go for the Solheim Cup being hosted at Golf Club St Leon Rot and Golficiency yesterday was accredited full media access for the entire event. This includes press conferences, player interviews, media center access and media hotels accommodation.

As this will be a fantastic event we can’t wait to be there, follow the action on the course, talk to some players, get some interesting interviews, ask some refreshingly intelligent questions at the press conferences, chat with the folks from Golf Channel and chill in the media center when our feet start hurting at some point. Germany will welcome golf fans from all over the world to host a ladies golf event which will stand out as one of a kind.

Over the next weeks we’ll work out a plan what to follow, whom to interview, what questions to ask, ect. In case you want us to talk to a specific person, ask a certain question or take a special picture, please let us know and comment below! We’ll try to make that happen!

Interesting times ahead!

More information:

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