IOMIC Sticky 2.3 re-gripping session

In case you know me personally, you know I’m picky with stuff—from an esthetics standpoint. I like everything genuine and I like color matching. And I don’t like things that don’t work.

Maybe that’s the reason I’m still keeping playing my oldest set of clubs back from 2001 sometimes. They look fantastic, very slim, almost blade-like just with a decent cavity back, they play great and they look pretty OK for their age. Point is, they still have their stock grips on them! For 15 years now. This had to change!

I bought some white IOMIC Sticky grips on the internet, I always wanted to try them. Not because of the IO flow, but because of the sticky-ish, fairly soft material. So I got myself the grips, some tape and a sharp knife, and started to work that out.

One have to admit, it looks pretty easy on Youtube, but when you try it, at least the first one is quite tricky to accomplish. But the learning curve is steep and so it took me two evenings to get nine clubs re-gripped. Three on day one, the rest the following day – as I said, steep learning curve.

I’m pretty proud of myself. I’ve never done this before and I really believe I can take out those clubs for a test round soon. I’m not saying this was easy-peasy nor that I will do this again with other golf sets in the future but I can say it was a very good experience and I can’t wait to check them out on the course.

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