Construction site ahead. The website under review

webseite screengrab

After the relaunch of the website in March this year, there wasn’t much happening in terms of visuals, new features or new stuff in the shop. No excuse but that was mainly because of serious time constraint on my side. I still have some very good ideas in mind and noted down and as winter is approaching, I’m sure I’ll find the time to work on the website more than recently. I know I owe you a decent webpage with regular content.

As a first start, I changed the menu structure today and added a new featured picture on the homepage (Extra points for you if you know which course this is). As there will be more focus on course reviews, equipment tests and travel reports on the blog in the future, there are three new prominent buttons to have the visitor find his way better.

As I said, there are more interesting things on the way. Hope you are checking by from time to time. And please be reminded you can sign in for the email notification service. Just scroll down and click the “Follow” button if you haven’t already. Easy.

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