The Short Game. Great golf documentary

Tonight I watched a great documentary on Netflix, probably not the best documentary ever produced but the best golf-related documentary I’ve seen for a very long time.

Once a year at Pinehurst there is a tournament conducted which could not group together more competitive individuals on a global scale. It’s the Golf World Championship for kids, under 8 years to be precise. It’s a three-day tournament, played over 9 holes each and you have no idea how good these children are. Of course they don’t use the regular tee boxes but all of them can drive the ball, chip, pitch and putt quite impressively. I’m talking eagle-impressive.

When I have kids I want them play at that skill level also, no question about it.

The film shows eight young golfers from all over the world, all 7 years old, and it describes how they feel, how they play, how they can’t wait to fly to North Carolina to compete against each other. Whether you’re from a rich family in Florida, or from a not so rich family in California, or from a township in South Africa, China, France, you name it, on the course it doesn’t matter anymore. All what counts is strokes. And it’s impressive what pressure these kids are putting on their shoulders. Sometimes put in that situation by their parents, sometimes not. But all of them are extremely competitive on the course and at the same time foolish and childish off the fairways and greens—which is good to see.

Interesting film to watch how the kids’ psyche alters when an important tournament is on. Definitely recommend the film when you like golf and have kids—and even when you don’t.

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