TaylorMade is teasing their new range of clubs… again!

It feels like yesterday that…

There are some constants in this world: a day has 24 hours, the sun comes up every day and TaylorMade release way too much stuff!

This of course is just my opinion, but I can’t really trust a company which brings out new clubs at this machine gun speed and then tries to make a point that it’s much better than their last edition.

We all know that the golf technology is extremely brought to its limits and unless there are no rule changes we won’t see major and dramatic changes. Here a yard, there a yard. Here a meter, there a meter.

I understand the companies spend so much on Marketing because this is a big business. Yes there will be consolidation in the market, Nike Golf and alike, but why is it necessary to over-flood golfers with new sticks. All those who bought the 2016 gear, will now have “the old stuff”.

Not very likely that every 2016 M1/2 owner will move and immediately jump on the 2017 edition. But what’s left behind is the bad feeling that others have newer equipment.

My petition to the world: Don’t always buy the newest equipment, don’t fool yourself that you’re only hacking because of non-optimal clubs. Instead, if your clubs are not older than 5 years or so, invest in some training sessions with your pro of choice. You don’t always need the newest, you need those clubs which best fit your swing and which put you in the fairway – every single time. And maybe it’s your swing, that’s a bit rusty, not the clubs.

In case your game is spot on, your GIR rate is beyond 75%, your putts cap at 30, and your clubs are more than 5 years old, in that case I actually do believe you should try out some new gear. And put it on the Santa wishlist…

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