Matt Ginella’s Top 50 US (public) courses


In case you don’t know Matt Ginella, which would surprise me, but anyway, let me briefly explain what his job is – and let me warn you, you might want to quit yours immediately.

The story is easy, Matt works for the Golf Channel and is paid quite a salary to travel the world and play golf. That’s it. He plays the best courses around the globe, then comes back to Florida and talks a bit about his endeavours. Sounds stressful? I don’t think so. In my opinion this guy has the best job on earth. And I guess there are thousands waiting in line waiting for the moment he decides to resign – for whatever reason.

So Matt travels the world, he plays astounding courses and he regularly creates best-of lists, which I really like in general.

Not long ago he (re)created the Top 50 US public golf courses list, and you should definitely have a look:

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