Re-activation and re-connection

This blog has been pretty silent over the last year which I actually feel a little ashamed of. The reason for the golf absence, at least in the blog writing fashion, has mainly to do with the fact that I became father to a beautiful baby girl, which I admire over the moon.

So priorities have shifted, the day work is important, the baby deserves a lot of time, my wife gets her share of my time without question, then I have another big online project running, read a lot, we have a house which takes some time, friends, family, hobbies and last but not least, playing golf.

Sounds like an apology? It is one, truth be told. But priorities do shift, and there is no such thing as bad behaviour for a blog that is absolutely free. I’m not even sure if somebody actually missed me, missed my golf stories or my golf pictures. Especially because Golficiency is quite active on Facebook and Instagram.

Long story short, over the winter months, I will try to create more content for my audience. Golficiency was founded in the off-season to stay in touch with the game, and it will be re-activated in the (European) off-season.

Happy reading!

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