Very good decisions in 2019, so far

The 2019 season is far from over but I can’t help recapping already some very good decisions I made for this year. All golf related, all turned out to be quite positive from all angles.

Here’s what I mean:

1. Earlier this year I bought a new set of irons. My PING G400 were just over two years old but I felt we weren’t meant for each other. So I stepped up and went for my absolute dream iron set and bought the Titleist CB 718 with KBS Tour 90 stiff shafts. All I can say so far, looks and performance are spot on. I couldn’t be happier about golf clubs really.

2. Due to the fact that my new clubs finally match my swing characteristics and I’m back to my old distances that I’m shooting, I decided to leave my woods and hybrids at home and just play with my irons. I use the 2- or 3-iron off the tee and have enough length to reach up to 190/200 meters, but more importantly I can play these irons extremely consistently, meaning my GIR rate increased lately and it’s a great feeling to find the fairway in 90% of your shots. You have no idea how disappointed I would be in myself if I still would use woods and find myself in trouble ever so often.

3. As happy as I am with my irons and my iron game, I indeed acknowledge that it’s weird to excel on the iron side of things, and totally suck on the woods’ side. You have no idea how disgraceful my driver performs. And here I know it’s not the equipment, it’s the man at the end of the shaft who doesn’t execute properly. That’s easy for me to admit. What I recognized as well is that I need professional help with my woods. I can’t complain over and over again without having a pro looking at what I’m doing wrong – so I will have that sorted rather sooner than later. That was a necessary thought process.

4. I’m a frequent follower of the pro tours and enjoy watching important tour events or the majors on TV. Until very recently I was a Sky sports customer, or Sky Ticket to be precise. After I gave up my Sky subscription a while ago, I bought week passes from time to time when an important tournament was on. Then all of a sudden I was offered a bargain deal in between football seasons and as I watch golf only and the all 4 majors were covered I took it. For several reasons I can’t stand Sky in general and their service has some shortcomings. Gladly I came across which I now got a yearly subscription from. This really ticks all boxes for the European Tour, and will soon as well for the PGA Tour. Full recommendation if you are into golf—which I believe you are when you read all this…

So as a recap, great decisions so far. Hope the next ones will turn out equally positive and I will be able to report more great things going forward. Keep your fingers crossed! Can’t wait for a single digit handicap and several great golf trips around the globe.

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