Mallorca Press Cup 2019

The year 2019 ended well for me. After I basically stowed away all my clubs for the winter break – yes, you heard right, I don’t play in snow – just then I received the invitation to take part in the 2019 Mallorca Press Cup.

The cup itself is an annual gathering of European golf and golf travel writers of all sorts of media, to group them together in beautiful Mallorca and have them experience the great golf and great amenities available.

Playing hole 13 at Son Vida Golf, Palma de Mallorca

No question, I was all in for it, packed my stuff and off I went on a cold dark December morning to be greeted two hours later by Mediterranean sunshine, cosy temperatures, and last but not least by the chauffeur and his black S-Class Mercedes who was about to take me to my hotel.

The Mallorca Press Cup is sponsored by Arabella Golf Mallorca and the Marriott hotel group with its hotels and resorts on the island. This is basically the reason the tournament was held at two of the Arabella golf courses.

In the coming days the comp participants had the opportunity to play the Son Muntaner and the Son Vida golf course. In addition, the resort features one and a half other courses, the Son Quint and the Son Quint Pitch & Putt, which in the end I was not able to play unfortunately.

But the ones I actually played did not disappoint at all. Especially taking into account I was experiencing great, sunny rounds of golf in the middle of winter—makes you think why one would indeed stow away golf clubs after the season and refrain from playing rather than stepping on a plane and play somewhere nice, like Mallorca.

As this is exactly what I did, I have to confess, I can’t wait to be back soon.

This was the second time for me on the island and even though the first time is quite a while ago, I felt pretty comfortable and acquainted. There is this magic of Mallorca that surrounds the island, and it’s difficult to express, but after having had the golf experience myself, I’d say this is the whole package; and it’s just a quick flight from anywhere in Europe to enjoy.

Please stay put for all the related reports coming along this way which will go live in the coming days and weeks. Be assured there are some great reviews on fantastic courses and hotels being released.

As it’s super foggy outside where I live as I write this, don’t blame me when I say, I’d rather be on Mallorca right now. This time I’d take my family with me though.

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