Operating some of the finest courses on the island: Arabella Golf Mallorca

imageFor those who don’t know Arabella Golf Mallorca so far, here is a quick reference.

The Arabella brand was founded by the German billionaire family Schörghuber. The empire was built on construction and beer—two things which not only go well together but apparently are very lucrative, if you do it right. The Bavarian Paulaner beer might be something you are aware of in that sense (and taste).

But they also ventured into hotels and golf, two things that also fit quite nicely. Under the Arabella brand there are hotel resorts and golf courses across Europe; predominantly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain.

For Mallorca in particular, there is a subsidiary bearing the name of the famous island in the brand itself: Arabella Golf Mallorca. They operate several courses in the Palma region and are respected as some of the best on Mallorca, if not Spain altogether.

The two most famous courses are:

  • Son Muntaner
  • Son Vida
The final 18 at Son Muntaner | © arabellagolfmallorca.com

There are two less known courses which are also featured in the Arabella complex:

  • Son Quint
  • Son Quint Pich & Putt

The latter obviously a short pitch & putt course, being the optimal setting for either beginners or people in the hunt for a better short game.

That’s 63 holes to play in total which is way enough for a quick golf break. Also Son Muntaner and Son Vida are recognized to be two of the best courses on the island. And there are plenty on Mallorca; nineteen 18-hole courses alone, plus a hand-full of 9-hole courses.

So when you’re in the mood for some golf in a great setting, you should give these guys a visit. I had a great time during my three rounds I played at Son Muntaner and Son Vida and wasn’t really missing anything—apart from some birdies and generally great scores maybe.

Looks nice, doesn’t it?!

For more information, please refer to the Arabella Golf Mallorca website.

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