How COVID-19 has us by our golf balls

I’m not telling you any news when I say the world turned upside down couple of weeks ago when the Coronavirus hit the world hard and literally everybody on this globe was somehow affected by the COVID-19 disease and the respective actions by the various governments to avoid it from spreading.

You could argue the actions are crazy, but honestly I believe the people all over the place are doing quite a job in social distancing and flattening that damn curve to do everything in their hands for the greater good.

Experts tell us this is the only way to treat this horror and I tend to acknowledge they are correct. Restaurants are closed, pedestrian areas or city centers are empty like never before, and sports facilities and events are closed or cancelled.

This again has direct impact on all the golf-loving creatures out there, to which I count myself – and probably you too. I haven’t swung a golf club in 4 months and this time around would be my season ramp up for the first tournaments of the year. The weather has been awesome lately and sure I’d be on the course every time possible (considering family and all the other hobbies…)

But I can’t. Golf is closed, tournaments cancelled, the season pretty much postponed. Which is a pity as I had a) a great plan what to do this year (courses, resorts, tests, trips, etc.) and b) big hopes in terms of my handicap in getting that thing in the singles.

Anyway, this is not gonna happen anytime soon. This spring, this summer, this fall will all be pretty much different from all the others in the past. And still this is a first-world problem.

Live with it, let it sink, digest it and then keep fingers crossed everybody in your family, your loved ones, neighbors, friends and other are staying healthy and fine. I wish you all a great deal of happiness during these crazy times.

Stay safe, stay at home, stay alone for some time and look forward to the good times which clearly are just around the corner.

See you on the golf course, folks!

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