I really miss golf club life

I’m writing this after 8 weeks in COVID-19 lockdown and with no grip on a golf club for 5 months. Usually April/May is the time of the year I’m most encouraged to get on the course, get in shape, get some practice in and some rounds in preparation for the first tournaments of the year.

When I started golf I enrolled with three friends and we always had a good time. Then later when I moved to Frankfurt and became member here, I enjoyed getting to know new people, playing with new partners and similarly enjoyed the time after the round with a drink on the terrace.

I’m of the belief the social aspect is always overlooked but so important in golf. There are just few sports on this planet where you get to play with strangers for hours and then have a beer in the sunshine afterwards to discuss all sorts of golf related stuff.

For quite some time now I’m a member of a club which is far from where I live. Therefore I tend to play different courses in my area instead and don’t stick to just one. The benefit of one home club clearly is the social component. You see the same people, can make friends with people you like and maybe even let these new people into your private life next to golf.

That’s what I miss right now. Especially in times of the Corona crisis when everybody is forced to stay home, I often think about full sun terraces at a local club and the joy to see the same faces all over again for some serious golf chit-chat.

Hoping for better times. Fingers crossed.

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