Bryson’s new tactics seem to pay off

In the past months Bryson DeChambeau had put up some extra weight in order to get to a physique he could drive the ball farther than everybody else. Did he manage to?

Well, the Charles Schwab Challenge is not over while I write this, so it’s a bit early to assess but from what I saw yesterday and today, it’s fair to say that DeChambeau had quite a transformation in the lockdown weeks. He must have found some weights in his basement to play around with.

So, that transition: It didn’t make him a nice guy or a more bearable guy, not even a faster guy in the sense of pace of play, but he truly looks like Popeye now with huge extra weight on.

It’s not looking good if you ask me, it’s quite the opposite of athletic to be frank, but apparently does the trick. His driving stats are going through the roof: Exactly what he has hoped planned for. In a scientific manner, as you’d guessed.

He smashed the course. I mean pro players have a tendency to attack par-5s with the second shot, so that’s no news but he clearly is aiming for the next level.

Or how would you describe it when he, on par-4s, only needs a little wedge shot after his drive to get to the hole. It’s a different game when someone is able to constantly fire the tee shot to the 350/360 yards mark.

Looking at the leaderboard, after the Saturday, DeChambeau is tied 9th. Maybe a little worse than he’d hoped but as said, the Sunday stats are not in yet. Schauffele, Thomas, Spieth and some others are having a good time on the course, too and will make sure it’s not a muscle show in the end but a game of style, of skill and feel.

Let’s see how the season progresses for him.

UPDATE: Bryson DeChambeau finished tied 3rd in the end. So indeed you could argue this played out well for him in his first tournament after the break. Let‘s have an eye on him during the coming weeks.

In an earlier version of the post, there were pictures displayed which I’ve taken down in the meantime in order to not infringe copyrights.

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