With golfers in mind: Sheraton Mallorca Arabella Golf Hotel

One great golf trip almost guaranteed, if you happen to start it right. And that includes deciding for the best accommodation that caters all your needs as traveler, golfer and hedonist human being.

While the Castillo Hotel Son Vida could be described as the Grande Dame of the up-market community of Son Vida, 10 minutes outside of Palma, the Sheraton Mallorca Arabella, just a stone’s throw away from the Castillo on the other hand is the young, dynamic little sister.

It boasts a modern vibe, fresh design and contemporary facilities – together with a direct access to one of the most attractive golf courses of the island. So it’s arguably a good package, one that seems to tick all boxes. Is it true though?

Traveling to Mallorca is always a good decision. It’s even more advisable if you are not only interested in sun bathing and the general primrose path the island is offering but even more when you want to include some sports and wellness activities into your daily diary.

As the Castillo Hotel Son Vida is known for the sheer luxury of a golf hotel, the Sheraton is known to be a 5-star hotel complex, designed around the needs and requests from golfers, just in a younger package.

That starts with direct access to the Son Vida club but it luckily doesn’t end there. Depending on the package you book (there are now non-golfer packages as well for those who are after a holiday retreat but are not (yet) golfers) you have included full access to the different courses, to the training facilities, to the frequent shuttle bus and of course to all hotel amenities which there are plentiful.

Reading my post on the Son Vida course, you are aware that it’s a great venue, no question, but being inserted into a rather highly developed neighboorhood, there was no space for a fully-fledged driving range. Hence the practice facilities offering everything you’d need are a quick 3 minute shuttle bus ride away, a service that really comes in handy if you want to get from A to B without much hassle.

That’s true for the golf transfer but the same goes of course for any other transfer you need, be it for a dinner at the Castillo or to switch back and forth between the three and a half courses that Arabella Golf Mallorca is offering here in the neighborhood.


The outer appearance of the hotel resembles a modern Mallorcan palace. The driveway gets the visitors right to the main entrance and the lobby which is then overlooking the pool area in the backyard. If you’d step out to the terrace and take look left, you’d see the 18th green of Son Vida and could observe the ladies and gentlemen on their last hole, longing for the clutch putt to call it a round.

Sheraton’s Son Vida was actually the first golf resort in Mallorca, under a different name back then, but still a witness to a long-time plan to create a golf destination that constantly attracts hundreds of thousands of golfers every year. And continues to do so.


The resort has 93 rooms and suites and as said, features a contemporary architecture and design that is meant to attract all sorts of people and generations. With that, most people, young and old, golfer and non-golfer, should really feel well-put in this environment.

No, it’s not a beach hotel and no, there is no sea view. But apart from that there is little you could ask for that’s not being taken care of. There are tennis and volleyball facilities, the huge pool area, the fitness center, the wellness area and last but not least attractive rooms and suites to get a good night’s sleep and feel as comfortable as possible. Not starting with the restaurant possibilities at all.

And not to forget, this is only 10 minutes away from the bustling city center of Palma de Mallorca, something you should plan to do as well to breathe and digest this beautiful pearl of the Mediterranean.

So if you are planning a trip to play golf in Mallorca, you should consider staying at the Sheraton, no strings attached. You won’t be disappointed in my personal view.

One further recommendation; after a round and a fresh-up you should definitely visit the hotel golf restaurant „La Bodega del Green“ and order a traditional Mallorcan tapas platter. And a bottle of a fine Spanish wine as well… start the evening right.

For more information please check the Sheraton Son Vida website.

Pictures © marriott.com, ccircle.cc
Marriott was one of the sponsors of the golf tournament I played.

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