2022 mid-comp-season update

Just in case you are interested, I wanted to give you a short update on how my comp-season is going so far.

In short: not so good, or not the way I wanted. Most definitely not the way I wished and not the outcome I hoped for. I don‘t want to complain, with two kids at home; a toddler and a baby, it‘s difficult to hit the links, so I‘m happy that I at least managed to play four rounds of golf so far (and seriously grateful that my wife is fine, too). But in total not more than four rounds, which in general is a shame considering my passion for the game.

Three of those four rounds have been tournaments and as I had almost no proper practice sessions, the results have been pretty devastating, I have to admit. I‘m pulling through, no question, but coming into competition season with next to no practice, understandibly this doesn‘t do any good to your handicap. Not rocket science, is it.

So I played the following Deutsche Bank society comps in the past weeks:

  • Golf Club Main-Taunus
  • Golf Club Rheinhessen
  • Golf Club Nahetal

On top of that I played one private round in Italy. That‘s it. The year is halfway over and I only had one single round that was not handicap relevant. That by definition is not very smart indeed.

Also, I have six other tournaments already in the pipeline, plus a family trip to Belek/Turkey coming up during which I hope I can manage to squeeze in at least 2 rounds of golf, fingers crossed.

Note to self: Always play enough private rounds as season prep in order to not completely ruin your handicap once the comp season kicks in, which is already in April/May to be fair. Too bad that golf in winter is not possible around here. Just yesterday my handicap went up by 1.4… you can imagine the feelings I had.

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