Belek planning underway

To set the scene in case you are not aware, Belek is a small town in Turkey. It‘s situated on the south coast that they call „Turkish Riviera“ and actually there is one 5-star hotel next to each other right on the Mediterranean coastal strip — and right behind those hotels, there are numerous outstanding golf courses waiting to be tackled.

But you knew all this, didn‘t you. I made a trip to Belek already couple of years ago and managed to play five courses during my 7-day stay at lovely Rixos Premium Belek. To check out these rounds, please read the articles with the Belek 2013 tag on this site.

Now it’s time, we figured as a family with 2 kids that weren’t there in 2013 and as it’s already almost a decade ago and also as Belek has so much to offer in terms of hotel quality, beaches and what makes a great beach family holiday — it was pretty easy to decide to go.

No question will we make the best out of our 10-day trip and I will surely squeeze in some rounds of golf. It will be hot mid-July, granted, but nothing that will worry me to be honest. Golf season is over then, just makes the golf courses less crowded, I hope. 50+ sunscreen, loads of water, two shirts and a cart, and good to go. Can’t be that different from playing in Dubai if you‘d ask me.

In other words, we can‘t wait to board that plane to be honest. We are currently in the planning phase. The missus is having an eye on what‘s important to take for the kids and I‘m looking at the adult amenities and golf prep that‘s equally necessary. First things first, right? ;)

Obviously the flight will go via Antalya which is a short car ride from Belek. Antalya itself has loads to offer for tourists but it‘s more Belek that caters for exquisite hotels and golf. As well as for international soccer teams in the off-season by the way.

One thing that‘s still a bit open is the question which courses to play. And that is only troubling me because of the sheer number of excellent courses to choose from.

I will at least play two rounds of golf and these courses are currently on my top 5 list. Which one would you prefer over the others?

  • Antalya Golf Club, Sultan
  • Cornelia Golf Club (27)
  • Carya Golf Club
  • Montgomerie Maxx Royal Golf Club
  • Titanic Golf Club (27)

The first four I already played and indeed loved them back in the days. Especially the Cornelia is still quite omnipresent in my memory, but with the others not far off to be honest. The Titanic I never played, but I‘m kind of intrigued, partly due to the setting right by the Mediterranean Sea and a creek. We‘ll see if that‘s on the table once we get there. I learned that some golf courses have their summer maintenance going on in that period of the year. Would be a bummer to step back from a great plan just for proper green aerification but so be it.

In terms of accomodation we couldn‘t have found a better spot to be honest. Quite long on my bucket list already we booked the Kempinski The Dome Belek and are very much looking forward to staying at this prestigeous and luxurious hotel for ten days. We will spoil ourselves with beach amenities, beach front bars and you might have guessed it, the Kids Club, too. Can‘t wait.

So in case you have some recommendations for Belek, be it golf, restaurants, activities or child stuff, please leave your comment below.

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