Season 2023 started

The weather has been dreadful the first months of the year. Rain, rain and rain in March, April and the beginning of May. And while I type this, it‘s pouring down again.

I was glad that I managed to find one afternoon that was just cloudy and not rainy, and that also fit into my family calendar.

I was clearly not the only one with that idea as the driving range was packed with people and I needed to wait a fair bit to get a spot. That was a first. I never had to do that before.

But it was a good feeling to swing the clubs again, first time in 2023. My left hand was seriously aching afterwards but I‘m happy to have kicked off the season which I hope will be very golf-focused this year—next to family, friends, work and other sports and other commitments one has. So wish me luck.

The next holiday is just around the corner and rest assured, golf will play a role there as well. Keep you informed.

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