Golficiency is a blogging project by Alexander Rose.

10418359_826931617328413_8073877558348019459_nI’m German, in my mid 30s, living in Frankfurt, Germany, playing golf since 1998 and I’m crazy about the game.

Germany is not the sunniest and warmest spot in the world, so golf season is over at around October/November.

During my time in England I desperately wanted to play as often as possible, but unfortunately it turned out so differently: 5 rounds of golf in two years! All-time low!

To stay in contact with this beautiful sport I realized that it could be much more fun to write and not only to read about it. Just like the game: I love watching pro tournaments on TV but grabbing the clubs and heading to the course to have some good time out there is quite a different thing.

Over time Golficiency became more and more a collection of all golf-related stories, tests, reviews, discussions, proposals and reports. It gained traction and attracted many friends and followers on various social media platforms. Golf travel reports become more important for the content of the blog and the reader’s benefit gradually became more a focus in the selection of topics.


What is the word “Golficiency” then? Obviously, it is an artificial word I made up at around 4am in bed. Therefore it’s not that much behind it as one could assume, but let me tell you what the original and initial thoughts were:

Golf is not an easy sport! You always have to keep in touch, need definitely some help by teaching professionals and after years maybe you are ready to stand on your own feet, golf-wise. It may not look like Tiger and as well distance, trajectory and the direction of every shot is not perfect, but you try your best. Just to get that good swing rythym, the desired length and trajectory you want and you work so hard for – only to get that tiny white ball with a preferably low amount of strokes as possible into that tiny cup. As I said, it’s not an easy sport, but that’s exactly what makes it the best: you are always trying to improve throughout your whole lifetime. You never finish and you can’t get really perfect at it, it’s just impossible! All the Tigers, Mickelsons, Donalds and McIlroys in the world: They sink some of their balls in the next stinky water hazard or make a three-putt too! So what should we amateurs think? Don’t bother with less ability, less club head speed or too many strokes. Simply go out there, try your best, practise hard but keep in mind: It’s your spare time! Have fun, enjoy every second on the course, nothing else! The rest is following…

Bottom line: We are striving for extensive and persistant proficiency in this beautiful sport every day. We want to improve constantly, and where proficiency meets golf… there is golficiency! Sometimes with German efficiency!

Alexander Rose