We ship worldwide, even in crisis situations

While golfers around the world are checking daily if they’d be allowed to golf again anytime soon, we clearly understand the severity of the situation. Golf is a sport and there are truly more important things to life than golf right now… not many though.

For those of you now experienced online shoppers, you might want to check our online store, too. There are some cool shirts, hoodies and tank tops to be found there—legit street-cred golf apparel. For more off the course than on it.

But we keep fingers crossed you’re allowed back to play rather sooner than later. Keep safe and healthy.

Ryder Cup 2020 apparel released

Today I learned that the Ryder Cup 2020, staged at Whistling Straits, will have the European players wear once again a Scottish brand as official team apparel.

I don’t want to be too critical about it, but I can remember some despicable and pathetic team wear in recent events that were really, I mean REALLY, embarrassing! Diarrhea brown and puke green colors come to my mind…

This time a company called Sunderland got the big contract for the technical golf wear. Sunderland belongs to the Glenmuir brand which also outfitted the past events and again is an official licensee for the 2020 Ryder Cup as far as polos and knitted products go. The five year agreement will see the brand appointed for the 2020, 2022 and 2024 matches.

Glenmuir’s success story and close collaboration with the Ryder Cup began in 1987 with Tony Jacklin as team captain of the Europeans. Since then it’s the longest-running partnership between a clothing brand and a sports event.

The technical products in the Sunderland 2020 collection all look very cool and of high quality. Let’s cross fingers that the actual athletes are equipped with equally good looking stuff (and colors). I still have my doubts.

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New clubs deserve new balls, gloves and a bag

As you might have read here, I’m the proud owner of a new awesome set of irons. I ordered my dream clubs, the Titleist CB, they were custom made to my exact configuration and finally delivered to my doorstep last week.

I have one round already in the books with them and they feel and perform just fantastic. Enough reason to treat myself with some other golf goods to really kick off the progress in the 2019 season. It’s just fair to accompany new clubs with new balls, a new glove and put them in a new bag.


For years I played NIKE PD Soft and really liked them. I had access to various Titleist products as well and used VICE in different versions, too. Both are good balls even though I have to say I don’t seriously recognize a huge difference between brands if you stay in one category, meaning comparing soft with soft with soft.

I really like the VICE Pro, especially its soft outer shell which supposedly creates more spin around the green, which I appreciate. In other characteristics I reckon this ball is pretty comparable to the Titleist ProV, but with a much smaller price tag. Buying ProVs is somewhat unnecessary not being a single handicapper I think. Staying in the Titleist brand and preferring softer feel, it was a no-brainer to go test the new Titleist Tour Soft ball. So far a very good ball indeed.

Since the latest MyGolfSpy ball test which created quite some stir in the industry, everyone knows from an independent source that soft balls are actually slow balls, meaning distance will suffer once you change from a hard ball to a soft ball. Doesn’t sound like rocket science, does it. However distance has never been a problem for me, I’m not after the next 20 meters, what I’m after is consistent ball flight and distance and a soft touch within 80 meters around the hole.


Not for the first time I ordered some new FootJoy CabrettaSof gloves, a hand-made Cabretta leather product which I love. It just feels more natural to me compared to the overly technical synthetic gloves I clearly used and tested as well. Feel is everything and I do believe I will stick with this model for a while – it’s just that you can’t buy it in every golf or pro shop.


Coming to the bag. I already own some Titleist bags; the latest two additions are currently in constant rotation, depending on reason I’m heading to the course. For training I prefer a light-weight carry bag as I don’t use a trolley on the range. For a round of golf I use a tidy 14-way cart bag with bigger pockets. This ends up in packing and un-packing golf sticks on a weekly basis, which is annoying to say the least.

Now I bought a Titleist hybrid bag. As the name suggests, it’s a hybrid between carry and cart bag. You are able to carry it, it stands properly just like any other carry bag, but it offers both more storage room and a 14-way divider at the top. I guess this is what I waited for so long from Titleist. No more early morning re-packing in the garage. Yay!


That’s it as far as equipment goes. I couldn’t resist the other day to buy another FootJoy Chill Out Pullover with club logo on the chest. I really like FootJoy products, next to all the NIKE polos, trousers and shorts I have in my golf drawers. “Play good, look good!” If you don’t play well, don’t be bothered to spend too much on looking good and invest in some training sessions instead.

And before you ask, no it’s not yet Christmas time.

Big Spring/Summer 2019 shop update

New season, new handicap, new clothes? At least it’s time to adjust here and there, we believe.

We updated our shop quite a bit and will continue to do so over the next weeks. Please check the store and see if we have something you might like. Focus is on modern, street-cred apparel such as T-shirts, long sleeves, tank tops, hoodies, etc.

There are items for men and women, some you could wear on a golf course, some which you better should not, and most come with a more or less meaningful pearl of golf-related wisdom on the front side. Others might call it golf nonsense… we say, it’s a statement and golf fans will understand.


You can easily find the Golficiency store here:


Golficiency is a non-profit blog, so everything we earn, will directly be re-invested in new golf items or travels in order to keep the blog content going.

Tackling the heat

It might look like I’ve been to the UAE again but actually I haven’t since February. The next trip to Dubai is on the agenda for early next year but what we are currently faced with is a very similar thing: immense heat! Not only the desert in the Middle East offers temperatures of more than 35°C!


Central Europe is burning currently! Just yesterday Germany broke the all-time heat record with not less than 40.8°C. And even if this is not really dramatic in UAE’s terms, it’s pretty special for Europe, at least central Europe.

I have to admit I’m one of these guys loving the sun, sunshine, heat and everything what comes with it. But for sure there are those who can’t bear anything plus 30°C. And that’s fair enough, everyone has a different feel to heat and bears it on his own way. But even those who like the heat have to admit that everything’s getting a bit trickier, more difficult and sometimes even more dangerous when temperatures reach 35-ish degrees and you are outside doing sports activity.

Last week I played what some would call desert golf, but not because of the course layout, but because the mercury reached the 40°C mark and playing golf for hours is quite special in these circumstances.

On Thursday afternoon I played the Deutsche Börse annual golf tournament and we experienced roughly 36°C throughout the round. On Saturday a tournament at my home club was on during which we had humid 40°C and played not less than 6 hours with basically no shade at all.

So what can you do when you are at the course and have to (or want to) play in such hot conditions? Well it starts with the preparation. Here are some important tips:

Things to check
  • Check the weather app on your smart phone the day before. Only when you realize it’s getting hot early you can act accordingly and be well prepared.
Things to wear
  • Bring at least one cap, better two. When they are white, even better. Dark caps store the heat more than lighter ones.
  • Even when it’s your not your style, think about wearing a bucket hat or another hat that covers not only your head but the neck and ears as well at the same time.
  • Wear sunglasses at all times.
  • Sun protection (high) is obvious and should be re-applied at least once during the round. Make sure it’s water proof – you will sweat a lot.
  • When possible try to wear light colors; white shirt, beige or white shorts, etc.
  • Walk in comfortable shoes; in most cases your feet will swallow up in that heat. When your shoes are just about right, you will definitely feel them hurt afterwards.
  • Bring clothes to change; probably another shirt for during the round but definitely a complete set (including underwear) for after you had a well deserved cold shower.
Things to bring with you
  • Drink enough (water)!! I can’t emphasize enough on this! It’s absolutely crucial to stay hydrated at all times. Don’t start drinking when you feel thirsty, start early, drink regularly and possibly mix with a juice or a soft drink. You need the hydration, you need the sugar to stay energized and you wouldn’t want to wait too long before you listen to your body reacting to a certain deficiency symptom. So carry enough water or drinks with you! On a complete round of golf in that heat I can easily drink 5 liters without going to pee. The body needs the hydration and you shouldn’t ignore that. The cooler the better I’d say. Some put water bottles in the ice box over night. During the round it will gradually melt but will stay cold enough to refresh you for a while. Stop the drinks cart as often as you can in order to stock up.
  • Bring an umbrella, not for the unlikely rain but to create your own little mobile sun roof when you attach it to your trolley. Point taken you wouldn’t want to hold an umbrella in that heat for a long time but in case you can attach it to your bag (or trolley), you should do it.
  • Bring one extra towel; one for the clubs, one for you, i.e. you will need to dry for face, your arms, your head and most important, your hands from time to time. In order to avoid any peeling effect you wouldn’t want to use that dirty part of the towel that you just used to clean your sandwedge a minute earlier.
  • Speaking of towels, on this weekend we were handed wet and ice cold towels to wrap around the neck, cool down the head or wipe the face or arms. That was the first time I had to do that but I really appreciated someone brought that up; this was very helpful and helped to stay cool for a while.

If you stick to these easy rules then playing golf in the heat is no big deal at all. If you can use a cart, if not try to stay energized for as long as possible.

Obviously this list is not exhaustive. Do you have any tips that I missed or do you have a story to share how you tend to stay in shape in extreme heat, then please share with us in the comments section below.

With all that you should be good to go for the next round of golf in the central European heat or even the desert swing in the Middle East. Inshallah.

New items in the shop!

shirt_itscoolnowSome of you might have realised that Golficiency has re-activated its shop and even added some new items to the list. There’s plenty more to come over the next weeks! So stay tuned!

So in case you want to express your love for golf to the outer world (e.g. friends, family or co-workers), then you’ll definitely find something in the shop to do so. It’s open 24/7 and offers high quality and quick delivery. Payment is super-simple via credit cards or PayPal.

Feel free to browse through, there are different colours available for most designs, just to match your own style. All are golf related, and there is stuff for men and women.

The displayed shirt “It’s cool now to play golf”, you can find here. In general you can reach the store via shop.golficiency.com or via the link in the menu.

Play like a pro, look like a pro!

Play like a pro, look like a pro! Well, while the former is rather tricky to achieve, the latter is much easier. Nowadays all the big stars are beeing scripted by the big apparel and outfitter companies, meaning some designers and PR-agents make their minds up what these guys on tour should wear on what particular day. Everybody knows about Tiger’s red shirt on Sundays or Ricky Fowler’s all-orange thing.

It was never so easy to look like your favourite player – even if your swing looks lightyears from it! All the big clothing companies offer their golf tour attire for sale, be it IJP, Nike, BOSS, Adidas, Oakley, Polo and all the others.

Today I was lucky enough to receive a package from IJP Design, the clothing company by Ian Poulter. You know Poults as a very strong believer in the importance of a proper and colour matching outfit. His videos are legend in which he shows the audience his wardrobe and extensive shoe collection. He’s crazy about clothes and he would not neglect that at all. I’m not the biggest fan of all what he’s wearing – especially checked trousers (“Tartan style”) is definitely not my cup of tea.

But the basics are pretty awesome. IJP offers some very nice polos, high-quality trousers and sweaters. Looking trough the online store, I went for the “Tour Look”, a collection of polos and trousers which are usually worn by Ian and equipped with all the sponsor logos… so that makes it easy to look like a pro!

The major difference is you don’t earn a cent showing off these company logos and you might want to have a rather nice golf swing, otherwise it could be quite embarrassing.

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Golficiency wrist bands arrived

Long awaited package 1 (of 2) arrived couple of days ago. As you can see I have produced a dozen of nice wrist bands with the Golficiency URL engraved. And before you ask: No, I won’t sell them. I ordered just for me and for some (golf) friends and consider these just as a treat for very few people who appreciate wearing Golficiency stuff.

Probably you ask yourself, why the heck did I do this. But it’s really just a cool feeling to carry one of these trendy wrist bands with my own brand name and blog site on it.

New T-Shirt Collection

Don’t get me wrong: Golficiency is NOT supposed to be commercial, but I’ve set up a small shop just days ago and it’s really so much fun to create my own stuff! I ended up with a bunch of t-shirts (nearly 50!) that I created and which have funny golf slogans on the front. Everyone a statement on its own!


If you want, click on the shirts above which takes you to the “Men’s T-Shirts” category of the shop, there’s plenty more. Have a look around or check as well the other categories if you like, maybe you’re interested in women’s underwear for some reason…

This is the shop: shop.golficiency.com

The new Golficiency Shop. Treat yourself with some golf attire.

golficiency_hoodieToday Golficiency got a new addition to the website – an all new online shop for golf attire. Golficiency stands for efficient and modern golf and so does the range of clothes that you would find in the shop.

The choice of products is a bit broader and not everything is related to golf (e.g. men’s and women’s underwear) but you find shirts, polos, sweaters and caps, ready for the course. The number of items will increase in the next weeks to come and you can be assured to be provided with high-quality goods for low cost.

Hoodies on the course? Well that really depends on your club and the official dress code, but having played abroad, you realise how relaxed everything can be if nobody dictates any strict clothing rules and in my opinion everything that counts is 4 hours of amazing, thrilling, relaxing, enjoyable golf – in style!

Now it’s time for some online shopping: shop.golficiency.com