Ball Showcase: Golficiency 2019

Looking through the ball showcase category of this blog, I realized that indeed I only discussed and presented a small fraction of balls I actually collected over the years.

As the idea of an online showcase was to publicly present them rather than let them collect dust over time, I might increase the number of balls shown here over the winter.

One quite important ball for me, I wanted to show you directly and that’s the second edition of the Golficiency logo ball. While series no. one featured the old logo, the second edition shows the current Golficiency logo as it is used in this blog and social media.

While the old one was a Nike PD Soft, the new one is a Vice Pro.

Ball Showcase: Golf Son Muntaner

Second ball I brought with me from Mallorca and actually from the course I played twice.

For once because I really liked it the first time I played it and second because Son Quint was busy with a members’ tournament when I wanted to play that one. So I came here again and in the end I was quite happy as Son Muntaner indeed is a great course and for good reason was just recently awarded European Tour Destination – World Class Golf Venue. That says a lot.

What a great achievement. And before you ask – I had nothing to do with it! Great course, great story and great ball for my showcase which is filling up nicely.

Ball Showcase: Son Vida Golf

In late November I was fortunate enough to leave the cold in Germany for a couple of days and instead head down to Mallorca, Spain and enjoy the beautiful island, the cuisine, the hospitality and the fantastic golf offered over there.

Staying at the Castillo Hotel Son Vida comes with the perks of being able to play the Arabella Golf Mallorca courses, namely the Son Vida, the Son Muntaner and the Son Quint.

Ball Showcase: NVGJ 25 Jaar 2019

Recently I was given this ball as a present by a fellow golf journalist who I met in Mallorca at the Mallorca Press Cup 2019 which we both participated in as players.

img_5976The NVGJ, or Nederlandse Vereniging van Golfspelende Journalisten, is the Dutch association of golfing journalists. In 2019 they have their 25-year anniversary and therefore issued this ball.

I had no contact to the organization before but since we were talking golf and journalism a lot, we came across this particular group and I indeed became interested to join the German counterpart, the DMGG, Deutsche Medien Golf Gesellschaft.

Leo, if you read this, thanks again for the ball and the conversations we had. And who knows, maybe we’ll meet again in one of the golf journalists’ European Championships, head-to-head Germany vs The Netherlands. Looking forward to that.

Ball Showcase: Golf Club St. Leon-Rot

The domestically famous St. Leon-Rot club is a 90 minutes Autobahn ride from where I live and I actually passed the course often. I never played it though which had to change.

So I was overly happy to walk in the footsteps of golf’s greats on the St. Leon course, where the Solheim Cup, several Deutsche Bank SAP Open and other tournaments were staged, where Tiger Woods and Ernie Els battled it out some years ago and where Germany’s amateur golf elite is practicing.

It’s no spoiler when I tell you I really liked it there. Going to St. Leon-Rot (once for each course) on a yearly basis will be my new tradition, and a nice one indeed.

Ball Showcase: Gut Kaden Golf und Land Club

Gut Kaden is my new club since 2019. Proud to be a member here, even though it’s so far from my place, but it was an offer I couldn’t resist.

Been here only once so far, but definitely plan to come on a (at least) yearly basis and play these magnificent 27 holes over and over again.

The course staged multiple international top tournaments and will host the German Final Four in 2019 for the first time. I’m sure everybody is pretty excited about that.

The ball immediately goes into the showcase!