Ball Showcase: NRW Tour 2016

For those who don’t know, NRW is short for North Rhine-Westphalia, a part in Western Germany and it’s the most populated one. It has however some of the finest golf courses in Germany to offer.

No question that this has been on my bucket list for quite a while and in late April 2016 it was time to tackle each of these great venues one by one, one day after the next. The weather was horrible but the week in total has been an absolute treat!

Ball Showcase: UAE 2016

It’s always a pleasure to play great golf in the United Arab Emirates. This year has been the same, except that we even made it to Abu Dhabi and not just stopped at Dubai Marina as far as going south is concerned.

Abu Dhabi is indeed a very good golf destination also. So when you are in the region and you fancy some golf, do consider both Dubai and Abu Dhabi – for good reason.

Ball Showcase: St Francis Links

ball st francis links

Definitely not the most beautiful ball in the world but without a doubt one of the most beautiful courses I played. St Francis Links, or SFL as they call it, a real treat on the Garden Route in South Africa.

St Francis Bay is not the usual stop for tourists but well known amongst golfers as Jack Nicklaus is responsible for the course architecture of this hidden gem, which calls itself a proper links course. It’s not “linksy” in the common understanding but features similar characteristics. Links or not, SFL is worth a visit should you be in the Port Elizabeth area – be it for golf or for safari.

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Ball Showcase: Golf Club Schwarzsee Kitzbühel


The picturesque Austrian village of Kitzbühel offers a variety of different golf courses to chose from. In June we’ve travelled there and decided not only to hike a lot but also play golf a couple of times – as might have read if you follow this blog. In case you don’t, please read this: Kitzbühel

The most outstanding course in Kitzbühel is without a doubt Eichenheim, but definitely next on the list is Golf Club Schwarzsee Kitzbühel, with quite some interesting holes. The day was rainy and miserable but the course was fun and due to the weather there wasn’t much traffic on the course, at least on the front nine.

So in case you are in the area or even having a family holiday in the Kitzbühel area (which I can really recommend) then you should probably spend a day at Schwarzsee as well. You won’t regret it.

Ball showcase: Mainzer Golfclub


Some weeks ago I played the Mainzer Golfclub at Mainz, near Frankfurt, Germany. The course has been on my list for quite a while as it is somewhat different to all the mainstream courses you know.

It is situated in and around a former stone quarry and that basically results in pretty severe elevation changes from one hole to the other. So you are shooting your ball upwards, downwards, left, right, it’s a pretty interesting mixture of shots. And you tend to lose quite some balls when you are playing it for the first time – so did I.

If you are adventurous and want to play the not so usual club, then Mainz is for you.

Ball Showcase: Golf Eichenheim


One of the best courses in Austria as I was told and truly a nice course in the middle of the Tyrolean mountains in Kitzbühel. Golf Eichenheim is a recommendation should you visit the area, be it a golfing or a hiking trip.

The course itself has quite a steep and undulated design and asks for fitness, at least for those who don’t ride carts.

I bought the ball during my one-week stay in Kitzbühel earlier this month during which I managed to play one round at Eichenheim and at least stayed dry for most of the holes – the week had been a total disaster weather-wise. Rain on 7 out of 7 days. Nothing you would hope for but the golf compensated for all the dark clouds.

Ball Showcase: Golf Club Ulm

ball ulm

Couple of days ago I was sitting at my parents-in-law in Ulm in the south of Germany and I remembered that I wanted to showcase the ball I bought at Golf Club Ulm a while ago.

The Ulm golf club belongs to The Leading Golf Courses of Germany and really is a nice course in the south-east of Ulm. It features a tree-rich setting which is quite daunting on one hole or the other. This parkland style and all club house facilities make this course what I believe one of the more beautiful ones in south Germany—not top 10 but definitely top third of all.

The holes themselves are not overly impressive nor challenging but the surrounding and the setting of the club is really pretty. The staff was very friendly, guest players were welcome and all other members were very friendly as well.

Ulm itself is perfectly situated at the junction of Autobahn A8 and the A7, one going west-east the other north-south. So in case you are around any time soon, give this course a try. You can’t go wrong with it.

Ball Showcase: Golf Club Neuhof

Last week I managed to play another one of the Leading Golf Courses of Germany, Golf Club Neuhof. The course is not far from my place and I had it on my list for quite a while—until now.

A colleague who is member at Neuhof invited me for a round and I couldn’t resist. To be totally honest, I asked him from time to time if it would be possible for me to play a round with him.

More information:

Ball Showcase: Golf Club Main Taunus

ball main taunus

On the weekend I was reminded of the nice rounds I played at GC Main Taunus last year. My wife and I we are currently looking for a house outside of Frankfurt and we had an appointment with an estate agent in Delkenheim, near Wiesbaden. The house was just a stone’s throw away from the golf course and I remembered various nice rounds I played there with some colleagues.

Main Taunus is a decent course, was never crowded, at least not when we played the sundowners on weekdays. The club definitely benefits from the ideal location between Frankfurt and Wiesbaden and features a great restaurant as well. We were told that on weekends the halfway house is a mandatory stop for all golfers.

Ball Showcase: Souvenirs from Dubai

B9WBCehIUAESgQI.jpg-largeWhat do you bring home when you play three courses on a short trip? Correct, three golf balls for the showcase: Jumeirah Golf Estates, The Els Club and The Address Montgomerie Dubai. For my collection this makes it four Dubai balls in total, taking into account the Emirates Golf Course ball which I already bought in 2012.

I have to say that I also bought two golf polo shirts. One from the Els Club, one from the Jumeirah Golf Estates. I looked for one at the Montgomerie as well but they still featured the old logo (like in the ball above) rather than the new one with The Address hotel group logo. Would prefer that one. No problem, won’t be the last time that I play golf in Dubai!

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