Heavy setback for my golf book project: nearly a complete chapter lost due to a sync error!

Last days I was business traveling a lot. And I used the time at the airport, in the plane and everything in between to make some progress with my book. I achieved to write a lot, compared to what I wrote in the last weeks and was very confident with the outcome. Meaning after reading it over and over again, I was quite optimistic that I wrote some good stuff and was very happy about it.

As a short extract for you, I use some different apps to write my book, basically some tools that should ease my work dramatically.

Notes I take with Evernote, with which I can comfortably write or note something down, put it into virtual folders and – the best part – I can edit my notes on my Mac, my iPad and the iPhone, all in sync.

The writing part I do in iA Writer, a neat little program that as well allows to work on Mac, iPad or the iPhone. You either can sync via the Apple iCloud, or how I do it, via the Dropbox application, another great invention. iA Writer is special because it’s not just an editor, it allows you to write distraction-free on a clean screen to really concentrate on the text. Very good idea and the sync functionality with Dropbox always worked quite well.

In the end,  the final typesetting is done in LaTeX, which is a document markup language, that can cope large texts much better than any word editor could. LaTeX is not really a product or a company, it’s like an open source community that’s taking care of this language – and it’s religion to some fellas out there.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I was writing a lot the last days and since I wrote it on my iPad on planes, I was in offline mode. Coming back home 2 days ago, the editor started syncing and guess what, it overwrote my data on my iPad and managed to save a status of a couple of weeks ago. No chance to get something back. All gone…

I was totally freaking out here… But after 2 days of sleeping over it, I finally channeled my temper. But that only means that I’m not angry anymore, I still have to re-write everything I created and I was so happy about.