A European Tour’s look back at 2014

Awesome shots, hole-in-ones, unbelievable recoveries on the one hand and hacks, shanks and bad putts on the other. Every look back at year’s end both shows the sheer unthinkable shotmaking skills of modern professionals but at the same time that all of them are mortal after all and that even these guys fail from time to time. And you know what, that’s good to see too!

This nice video looks back at some of the most memorable incidents through 2014, a year with four majors, the Ryder Cup, numerous great tournaments, uncounted great shots and then there was this blonde in the blue dress too who hit the news…

[Video was taken down unfortunately.]

By the way, the blonde, Ashley Bongiovanni, who (tried to) hit on Rory confirmed that she’s not dating a golfer currently, but as Rory started following her on Twitter and she’s mentioned that there has been some sort of contact between both, one might think of some interesting DMs going back and forth.

Denis Pugh’s 0 great golf tips

denispugh100tipsNo neither did I miss anything, nor has my keyboard a problem with numbers. It was on pure purpose that the heading reads 0 instead of 100 great golf tips—because that’s what it is: a pretty useless collection of advice, put together on 3 DVDs: one for the long game, one for the short game and one for putting.

Don’t get me wrong, I would appreciate a good educational golf DVD even if I might not need it anymore, but nothing of this was helpful at all. Poor beginners who need to rely on such piece of… lousy work.

Denis Pugh is a nice guy, he really is, and I came across some of his work earlier when I discovered some interesting videos together with Luke Donald, but this here is different.

One of the annoying things is that Denis constantly refers to Mizuno products and how important it is to get to the pro shop, buy the newest sticks, get fitted and that’s more or less all you can do, a bit of practice, good mental strength, always Mizuno rain gear in the bag and nothing could go wrong eventually.

That’s the simple world of Denis Pugh’s 100 great golf tips. One waits for advice on how to strike the ball, how to curve the ball, how to adjust and improve swing planes and weight transitions, how to read putts properly and how to tackle difficult bunker shots. All this is somehow covered in the videos but not at all as convincing that someone could argue they’d do it better after watching Denis Pugh talk about it.

When I bought the DVD box, I ordered ‘Tom Watson’s Lessons Of A Lifetime’ as well. And I’m not yet through that one, but that’s what I call an educational golf instruction video. A review will follow shortly.

Denis, please watch Tom’s videos and then try harder next time…

Barnbougle Golf Links in Tasmania, Australia

Normally I’m not a big links golf fan, but I just came across this video and I have to say this course looks absolutely fantastic. It immediately made it onto my course bucket list.

The website reads: “Tasmania is renowned for its untouched wilderness, pristine coastline, cool climate wines and fresh local produce. The rugged north east coast of Australia’s island state is one of the most ideal places in the world for a links golf course. It’s on this coastal strip, where stark beaches fold into undulating farmlands, that Barnbougle Golf Links has been crafted out of an extraordinary landscape.”

There’s nothing to add… and I like they mentioned good wine too!

Check out their website: www.barnbougle.com.au

Alice Cooper and his (golf) addiction

Sometimes golfers feel the immanent pressure to head to the course and shoot some balls, practice or play a proper round of golf. Some others are on top of that interested in the pro tours, read golf articles and books. Some others even write blogs about golf…

One might call that addiction, but obviously this is kind of a good addiction: it’s a gentlemen sport, you are active, you are outside, blend in with nature and you train muscles, brain, strategy, etc. All-in-all quite positive outcomes of an addiction, wouldn’t you say?

Of course there are other sorts of addictions, the ones that came to your mind when you read the heading of this article. In the below video Alice Cooper, the “godfather of shock rock”, explains bits and pieces of his past, his addictions and why and how golf became his biggest passion in life – and his rescue from death eventually.

Now he plays off 2… yes, T-W-O!!

By the way, the course he’s playing in this video: yep, already on my bucket list!! Troon North in Scottsdale, AZ, Martin Kaymer’s new hood and quite a golf beauty.

An unforgettable day at Hamilton Island Golf Club

When you follow the Golficiency Instagram account you will know how I adored being in Australia playing some golf course beauties end of last year. When you from time to time keep reading my blog you might have seen the article on Hamilton Island Golf Club and that this is currently my absolute personal number 1 course in the world (of the few that I have played so far).

It’s already 4 months ago now that I was blessed with some hours in the morning, getting shipped over from Hamilton Island to Dent Island (the course has its own island) and enjoyed 18 holes of pure golf porn. It was pretty empty at 7:00 in the morning, I had time to take many pictures and even managed to shoot some short film footage. The result is the following video, expressing the sheer beauty of this land.

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GoPro action cameras work very well with golf

This video might be another proof that GoPro action cams work very well with golf, not only for surfers, scuba divers, skiers and wingsuit jumpers. I own a GoPro Hero 2 myself and used it a few times for golf (see the Stoke Park video for instance) but always felt a bit weird around the green carrying a small tripod with an action camera mounted. It is obviously something relatively new to the game of golf.

But I have to say, when you are out with the right buddies and you have some fun – why should someone be bothered by a camera, especially when the result is a nice short film that captures the perfect day in HD for the rest of the life.

So golfers, embrace the new wave of high tech even on the golf course, get armored with GoPros, head mounts, tripods, poles and creativity and create something similar to this:

This is an official GoPro video by the way, which underlines that GoPro starts reaching out to the target group of tech-savvy and young at heart golfers. I for one will keep going with my cam and try to come up with some nice golf footage in the future… who knows: the Australia trip is just around the corner – might get some nice shots over there!

First golficiency video released…

Ladies and gents, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… well, probably not so much, I have to admit. But I don’t care and started creating these short films anyway! With this post I’d like to show you my first little clip, playing a round in Stoke Park, just outside of London with a fellow German golf blogger (www.golfnerd.de).

Just for this purpose I bought one of these new brilliant tiny action cameras, the Hero2 from GoPro and a little tripod, the Cullmann Magnesit Copter, which is also very useful as a camera grip. All in all, a perfect match-up and real fun to play around. And while many people will say: “What? Golf… filmed? How boring!” I will respond: “No, it’s not, at least for me!” But everyone has a right to his own opinion.

Tell me what you think! Highly appreciate your honest comments!

Stay tuned for more extensive videos to come over the next months. I’m still thinking about contents but focus will be on courses and the beauty of the sport itself… not me, telling you guys something about swing rhythm and the new Callaway drivers. I keep you posted.