10849897_865807026774205_4160387243405799530_nGolf courses are what gives the game that extra something. This is what makes golf so special: all over the world golf is different, just because there are no absolute identical courses to be found. Yes there are pretty similar course characteristics but ultimately all courses are different, the weather plays its role and all together we get what all golfers strive for: a real challenge!

Only when the course is really difficult, a lot of water and bunkers in play, narrow fairways and forced carries, then golfers usually relate to such course as ‘excellent’. No golfer likes it to lose a lot of balls in the water or the bushes and fun is a big factor as well but after all, the trickier the course, the happier the golfer is that he managed to finish in (more or less) style.

Golf plays itself different every time we tee off, even on the same course, a round is not like the next or the last. This makes golf so interesting.

One thing that makes it even more interesting is to test your game on various styles of golf courses: links courses, parkland courses, heathland courses, etc. Every setting and location has its own complexity and again, every day looks different as for instance links courses are highly exposed to the wind that golfers might need to fully adapt swing and strategy in order to succeed.

If we then take into account that there are so many magnificent golf courses around the world it automatically relates to one big goal for every keen golfer: play as many great courses in the world as you can. Time is limited, the sheer number of great courses is even increasing and there is nothing more heart-warming than playing 18 holes during holidays somewhere on the other side of the planet.

Believe me when I say, collecting golf courses is probably the best addition to playing golf in the first place. It’s never too late, start today!