2011 shots of the year on the PGA tour

‘these guys are good!’ is the slogan of the PGA tour. and what could i say, it’s pretty damn right! there are some astonishing players out there, on both PGA and the european tour, and they are able to do some crazy stuff with that ball. things, we amateurs can only dream of…

watch this short film about the US boys and what they achieved in 2011… and don’t be awestruck!! just be amazed!

2011 PGA tour aces

shooting an ace, a hole-in-one, must be one of these situations for an amateur golfer you’ll never ever forget. the joy, the astonishment must be unsurpassed. i never felt that way, i’ve never shot an ace and to be honest – for my feeling i even shot not a hell of a lot birdies on par-3 holes.

but enough from my poor play, watch the guys on tour what they are able to achieve on par-3s. well, still it’s an amazing luck and every player feels relieved and overwhelmed but it’s really crazy how often these players sink the ball with only one single stroke! watch this:

funny recap of 2011 PGA tour golf

i promised i would do some kind of recap of some outstanding golf in 2011. so consider this as the start of a short series that i will publish whenever i find the time to find and post some stuff.

the website and the youtube channel of the PGA tour is always a very good starting point for that! so let’s start with the fun part of 2011. here’s a very nice compilation of fun occasions on the US tour. have fun!