A European Tour’s look back at 2014

Awesome shots, hole-in-ones, unbelievable recoveries on the one hand and hacks, shanks and bad putts on the other. Every look back at year’s end both shows the sheer unthinkable shotmaking skills of modern professionals but at the same time that all of them are mortal after all and that even these guys fail from time to time. And you know what, that’s good to see too!

This nice video looks back at some of the most memorable incidents through 2014, a year with four majors, the Ryder Cup, numerous great tournaments, uncounted great shots and then there was this blonde in the blue dress too who hit the news…

[Video was taken down unfortunately.]

By the way, the blonde, Ashley Bongiovanni, who (tried to) hit on Rory confirmed that she’s not dating a golfer currently, but as Rory started following her on Twitter and she’s mentioned that there has been some sort of contact between both, one might think of some interesting DMs going back and forth.