Ball marker of the day. A new category on Golficiency

It sounds pretty lame, granted, but what I try to achieve here is not putting on display some boring plastic ball markers but rather showing off with some pretty outstanding pieces of coins from all parts of the world, be it of low or actually high value.

Years ago, when my grand-dad passed away, I inherited his collection of coins. It wasn‘t a huge collection per se, but it showed this man had some serious interest in the hobby and accumulated some nice pieces after all the yeard that went into the collection.

Inspired by my grand-dad I also acquired some nice pieces as well as collected some during the various trips me and my family did in the last years, and I indeed got ahold some really interesting coins.

Instead of putting everything in a dull folder and get it out only occasional, I figured why not combine this with my biggest hobby and use these coins as ball markers during golf rounds. Through that they actually have a new value and maybe create some interest amongst yourselves. It‘s at least something I like doing from now on.

The new section „Ball marker“ you can find here.