Top golf accounts on social media

Times are changing. It was different back in the days but today the modern golfer is living a quite transparent life. Most of the players on tour are active in social media, post pictures of their activities, write stories about caddy, mates or family and even publish pictures of spouses, children, holidays, food and whatnot.

It’s fair to say that most players on tour have a second, a virtual life, which they share with their fans and followers. So for us, the spectators, it’s easier than ever to find out what a person is doing, where he or she is playing and how they party after a win. It’s a very transparent lifestyle, and people love it. Mostly because it’s at the same time quite exciting, funny, or just interesting to follow a person like Tiger, Rory or Jordan.

Very rarely they even react to us mortals and answer to a tweet or a Facebook mention. This is the ultimate goal, to be recognised by one of golf’s greats, come in direct contact and virtually shake hands, congratulate or ask a question.

Rory Ryan at Links Golf Ireland created this interesting overview of most important social media accounts in the golfing world, be it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Check out this infographic below and I’m sure you’ll find an account which you are currently not following yet.

Top-Golf-Accounts-on-Social Media-IG 1.jpg

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Slight changes made to the corporate design

Thoughtful readers might have realised that the t-shirts in the shop show a different font type than used in the header or for all the other online media. In order to freshen up some bits and pieces I just updated headers for the website, the shop and icons and avatars for Twitter and Facebook.


As you can see above, this is the new header. It follows the same approach as the last, but offers some additions and changes:

312380_548788978476013_17195863_n1. The official type face for Golficiency is now ‘Futura‘. The URL is written in this font, so is the G on left hand side.

2. The G is accompanied by a dot. First, to make clear this is an abbreviation and second, in order to indicate the funny ambiguity to the ‘G-spot’. For sure the dot/spot can be interpreted as a golf ball too. In order to not destroy the symmetry the dot is not shown in the icons for Facebook or Twitter.

3. The slogan of Golficiency changed slightly as well. The former ‘where proficiency meets golf… there is golficiency’ has been removed and is replaced by ‘golf proficiency with german efficiency’. This almost rhyme brings the famous saying ‘german efficiency’ into the dictum.

I hope you like these changes. Let me know what you think.

new facebook URL

hey guys, first steps in modern media technolgies are fully made. golficiency has now a new facebook URL which comes quite handy in combination to the other golficiency channels. so from now on you can reach golficiency in these easy ways:

looks nice, doesn’t it? so thank you supporters, likers, followers and readers of golficiency’s first steps. your interest is highly appreciated and i try everything to become a well known spot in the internet golf world. just stay tuned!