California Dream, Crocodile Dundee and Arizona Life—in Germany!

Sounds weird? It’s absolutely not. Last week I played 18 holes at Biblis GC in south-west Germany. Next to a public short course, the club offers three sets of nine holes of which I played the first two. Every set features specific characteristics and is named accordingly.


So the A course is called “California Dream” and offers more or less standard golf course attributes, probably pretending a bit that these are typical Californian golf styles. Course B however, “Crocodile Dundee”, offers more undulated fairways, rolling holes, tricky greens and is a bit more playful. Both courses are very nice and were in very good shape.

The course I didn’t play, “Arizona Life”, is the one I leave for next time. I couldn’t see much of it, but this C course features many more huge wasteland areas, bunkers, traditional desert golf attributes, but you won’t find a cactus though…

Again, all courses seem to be in great shape, both fairway and green quality was superb and the treat was the luxury driving range, right next to the artificial swimming pond and beach.

I was playing with two other people; a member of the ladies team and another guy, who seemed to play a completely different game: while I tried to stay on the fairway he obviously tried to do the opposite! Not a single fairway or green hit! on the contrary he managed to get in trouble at literally every hazard, bunker or other obstacle. There were situations in which he had to walk back quite a bit because his shot out of a bunker hit a tree and bounced back 50 metres. I can only guess but he must have lost 20 balls or so—for one round that is.

This was (even for him) quite funny in the beginning but after a while we just felt sorry for him because he really struggled. I wouldn’t say Biblis is a tough course, but it’s far from easy either. Some holes offer large landing zones, some don’t. There are many many bunkers across the A and B course and presumably even more on the “Arizona” course.


All in all I played a very nice round! I took a day off and played the course on a Thursday. Astonishingly it was pretty busy and we had to wait from time to time. But I guess that’s because everybody in the area knows about the quality of the courses and also it was a very nice day in terms of sunshine as we had quite a dull summer over the last weeks. So I believe this brought out even the very last golfer.

This was definitely not the last time I played there! I carded down a +19 which is a bit of a shame because I had a good feeling throughout, even on this course which was absolutely new to me. But on one hole I played a double-par 8 and on the very last hole I needed 4 attempts to get out of a green-side bunker (!)… so it’s fair to say I had my ups and downs!

If you find yourself in the Worms region and are up for a round of golf, give Biblis a try. It’s worth the money.

After-work 9 holes in the middle of a race course

On Friday, what a treat, I left the office a bit earlier than usual (at around 5pm) and headed to the nearest golf course. That’s a 9-hole course in the middle of a race track, which is really kinda cool to golf where on other weekends there are hundreds of spectators betting on horses. Nobody betted on me on Friday, that’s for sure…

The course belongs to the ‘Golf absolute’ course management company and therefore is free for me to play. Obviously it’s not a full length course but from an aesthetical and fairway/green quality point of view this place is absolutely top-notch. The Frankfurt skyline marks the backdrop on most holes, the turf is in perfect condition, and after all, you are playing golf in the middle of a race course… I found this very impressive.

Impressive as well was the heat! Teeing off at around 6.30pm, there were still 35°C/95°F. Boy, was I melting…

The course features 5 par-3 holes and 4 par-4 holes, therefore ends up at par 62 for the 18 holes. The hole layout is not overly spectacular and rather flat as you can imagine but the overall setting is as nice as it can be in such location. Definitely worth a round if you are around – especially in case you are Golf absolute member – otherwise it could get a bit expensive (110 EUR on weekends for 18 holes – par 62 that is…).

Golf Absolute – 10 courses with 1 membership

logogolfabsIn January I moved back from the UK to Germany. During my time in London I only played a handful courses, much less than I wished I would play. But it was tricky to create time for golf when my girlfriend was still in Germany and we tried to see each other as often as possible.

So with my move I knew I had to change something. I knew I wanted to play more regularly and definitely improve my handicap dramatically. For that reason I was looking for some appropriate courses around Frankfurt, Germany and took distance from home, fees, course quality and some other factors into account.

What I came up with is a new club which I’m member of since beginning of May. It’s the Golf Club Bachgrund, a Golf Absolute club.

Golf Absolute is a golf course management company, run by Dr. Weiland, which currently owns ten courses in the south-west of Germany. You pay a monthly fee and you are allowed to play all courses without extra charge. So in theory one could play ten different courses in ten days and wouldn’t pay any greenfees – just the standard monthly fee for the home club. That’s pretty smart I think – and unique in Germany. Weiland therefore is the biggest golf course manager in Germany.

Here is a small map of the courses which belong to the Golf Absolute umbrella.

For more information please check out my new club’s website: Golf Club Bachgrund or the Golf Absolute website.

Season opening 2014

Hitting the range for the first time this year… 4°C in mid January, blue skies, light breeze and lots of fun (and confidence after 100 balls). I’m ready for the new golf season! #Project12 #OneStepAfterTheOther