Top golf accounts on social media

Times are changing. It was different back in the days but today the modern golfer is living a quite transparent life. Most of the players on tour are active in social media, post pictures of their activities, write stories about caddy, mates or family and even publish pictures of spouses, children, holidays, food and whatnot.

It’s fair to say that most players on tour have a second, a virtual life, which they share with their fans and followers. So for us, the spectators, it’s easier than ever to find out what a person is doing, where he or she is playing and how they party after a win. It’s a very transparent lifestyle, and people love it. Mostly because it’s at the same time quite exciting, funny, or just interesting to follow a person like Tiger, Rory or Jordan.

Very rarely they even react to us mortals and answer to a tweet or a Facebook mention. This is the ultimate goal, to be recognised by one of golf’s greats, come in direct contact and virtually shake hands, congratulate or ask a question.

Rory Ryan at Links Golf Ireland created this interesting overview of most important social media accounts in the golfing world, be it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Check out this infographic below and I’m sure you’ll find an account which you are currently not following yet.

Top-Golf-Accounts-on-Social Media-IG 1.jpg

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Follow Golficiency on Instagram

I love golf and I really like photography. Two things that match quite well if you think of beautiful pictures of amazing courses. Basically the best of two worlds for me – joint together.

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Instagram is the perfect system for that. It allows taking, adjusting and sharing of your pictures on-the-fly with your smartphone and works pretty well on golf courses I can tell you. So if you are interested in the artistic side of golf as well, go check it out online ( or download the app to your phone and follow @golficiency to get all the new pictures fed to your Instagram timeline.