golf trips plan for 2012

now living in london, i thought golf would become more and more routine in my daily (or at least weekly) life, but when i look out of the window… i see snow. not much, but quite a bit. interestingly enough, because my english friends tell me that they had much snow last year and usually they wait for another 3 or 4 years for the next appearance.

anyways, it’s cold outside, my clubs are still in germany and i desperately want to be on a course, hitting some white balls!

there’s a saying: if the mountain won’t come to muhammad, muhammad must go to the mountain. therefore i’m currently in the process of planning some nice trips to play some awesome golf in the course of this year. thinking and writing about golf is not the same like playing, but i feel a positive thrill of anticipation! who wouldn’t?!

the first vacation of the year is scheduled and booked. we will travel to the south-west of the united states for a 3-week round trip and i’m very much looking forward to that. i’ve been to san francisco once, but making the way over the famous highways between los angeles, san francisco, las vegas and all the national parks in nevada and arizona must be so great. 3 weeks is a long time but there are a lot of miles to go. hence i don’t expect more than 2 rounds to play. maybe one in las vegas and another one somewhere at highway no 1 near pebble beach in the monterey bay area. that would be perfect. we’ll see. i keep you posted!

second trip i plan, and that is only penciled in, is a 10- to 14-day trip to portugal; to the southern golf eldorado ‘algarve’ at the atlantic coast to be precise. just like the turkish belek, the algarve offers a lot of nice courses (some are europe’s top courses) and a bunch of high-class golf resorts. one of them for instance is the ‘oceanico resort’ near albufeira. they offer a bunch of beautiful courses built by famous players like arnold palmer and nick faldo, just to name these both. and if you imagine such stunning golf scenery right at the atlantic coast, beautiful weather, viewed from the sun terrace of a 5-star luxury  hotel, spending the time with my girlfriend… then you know i’m in heaven!

ahhh, i must at least be dreaming already!