Longing for the London Golf Club

I can’t really wait to get out onto the course! I guess you all know that feeling: winter was cold and uncomfy, pro golf season started with new verve and you think: “I want that too!” when you watch the Mickelsons and McIlroys walking the fairways in Hawaii, the UAE, South Africa or California.

The London Golf Club is not far from where I live; in London’s south-east. I’m not a member and it’s not just around the corner for somebody without a car but it clearly is a great venue. I was really impressed last year and would love to play there again.


These are some impressions from the Heritage course that Jack Nicklaus has designed and is for private members only. As I was attending a corporate event at that particular day, I was lucky to be able to play there. But even the “more accessible” International course must be truly amazing.