41 net points at GC Main-Taunus and a new handicap for me. A good weekend.

Not easy to pad yourself on the shoulder without showing off or sounding too pretentious. But my game is finally starting to go the right direction and you can imagine I like that!

On the weekend I played a tournament at Golf Club Main-Taunus in Wiesbaden and had a great day with good company, good weather and good scores.

As reminder: I’m currently avoiding my woods and hybrid and instead only use my 2- and 3-iron off the tee. Still scored an 83 and even had three or four lip-outs on the green. In the end I carded 25 gross points and 41 net points which brought me down to a 13.1 handicap. Not far off my season goal of 12.X. And I had no double-bogeys at all, just bogeys, pars and one birdie. Good news that.

I had to leave early and missed the winning ceremony, so I’m not even sure how I ranked in the comp; dont’t think too shabby though.

Still there’s a lot of work to be done, much practice necessary in order to finally make some progress with my woods also. I just feel that I need professional help here unfortunately.

[UPDATE. I actually won the tournament. Who would have thought!! Came up 1st in the gross and 2nd in the net stableford calculation. What great news!]

A gem near Frankfurt: Golf Club Main-Taunus

This course is just a stone’s throw from my place, it’s a mere 15min ride on the Autobahn but still I have to say I rarely play this course. And after another tournament recently, I have to say, I have no idea why I don’t play here much more often. It’s such a nice course, offers challenges to all levels of players and still isn’t overly tricky.

During the tournament I had great company, we chatted along very nicely, had some drinks afterwards and my playing partner even won the trophy. So we were in a good mood, the atmosphere was great, weather held up and it turned out to be a great golfing day. I played 32 net points so my handicap went up 0.1 again. Didn’t care much.

Again, no idea why I don’t play here more often. Highly recommend it if you are in the area.

Ball Showcase: Golf Club Main Taunus

ball main taunus

On the weekend I was reminded of the nice rounds I played at GC Main Taunus last year. My wife and I we are currently looking for a house outside of Frankfurt and we had an appointment with an estate agent in Delkenheim, near Wiesbaden. The house was just a stone’s throw away from the golf course and I remembered various nice rounds I played there with some colleagues.

Main Taunus is a decent course, was never crowded, at least not when we played the sundowners on weekdays. The club definitely benefits from the ideal location between Frankfurt and Wiesbaden and features a great restaurant as well. We were told that on weekends the halfway house is a mandatory stop for all golfers.

Seek shelter from thunderstorms

Last week I planned to play a nice little after-work round with a new colleague. Luckily he’s keen on playing golf as well so we managed to get to a course I haven’t played before not far from our office, paid EUR 40 for a sundowner at 5.30pm and off we went.

The weather was good, not too warm and not too cold, t-shirt and long trousers. We enjoyed being out there, playing golf having left the office a bit earlier than normal. But after some nice holes at Golf Club Main-Taunus in Wiesbaden-Delkenheim we realised that we probably wouldn’t make it to the 18th as we saw some dark clouds gathering.

5 minutes later it got darker and darker, another 5 minutes later the wind was picking up just before we heard thunder in the distance. We just finished the 12th and were at the most outbound point of the course, when we decided that it would be safer to end the round immediately and quickly head back to the club house. A wise decision as we saw lightning flashing over the course again and again. Seconds after we returned to the club, heavy rain arrived and wouldn’t stop for hours!

Getting wet is one thing, but suffer from a lightning stroke is another. Always remember you are walking in nature, most probably surrounded by huge trees, you have some clubs with metal shafts in you hand which quite frankly would do the rest… I remember an incident not long ago and not far from here in which 3 golfers died on a golf course because they took the wrong decisions.

Always play save! You only got one life after all!