Everybody should practise on grass only

I was astonished today by a TrackMan tweet which showed the comparison between hits from the ground (grass turf) and a mat (artificial turf). I’m sure everyone has own experiences but we all stood on the driving ranges where players were forced to use either the one or the other alternative. And there are people who prefer the one over the other–probably without good reason, most of the time I would assume it’s just a question of feeling or personal habit. Effectively playing from a mat comes with less effort and burden; no tees needed, no divots, same ground condition every single time. Sounds quite good to me…

Looking at the stats, you see that golfers gain much more consistency and accuracy when playing from the grass. And in the end, from a round preparation session standpoint, all this is very obvious. When you play from the grass on the regular course (as you do), why should someone practise from artificial turf only? Doesn’t make sense.

What’s your opinion? Are you the mat guy/gal or do you prefer real grass, even on the range? Curious to see!